Made to share Sicily's beauty with you

About Us

We created Agrimaccari from a passion to share with you an unforgettable experience of rural life in Sicily.

Roberto looks after the animals and fields and Giusi is here to welcome you to our family farm and make you feel at home.  

We love company, and most days our neighbours and friends come visit to meet our guests.

We have carefully prepared everything, so you can fully relax before trying your hand at Sicilian cooking, making farm products or touring with the locals.

Tradition and friendship is at the heart of everything we do at AgriMaccari.

The Farm

Our two hectare farm has supported our family for generations and now we share its harvest with you.

Olive groves and vineyards provide us with fruit to produce the staple of every sicilian family- oil and wine.

Vegetable gardens, fruit orchards and mushroom houses produce a bounty of food throughout the year, for the taste of fresh seasonal produce.

We have ducks and chickens for their fresh eggs and a goat for milk.

And just for good company, we have a horse, a donkey and two playful dogs- Rocco and Turi.

Farm Stays

Sunsets from the veranda and morning dips in the pool.

Make yourself at home on the farm.




Discover Sicilian rural traditions with all your senses.

Learn to cook like a Sicilian or make your own oil and wine.