An age old tradition

Harvest Festivals

Join in and experience an age old tradition at our harvest festivals.  Help pick grapes and olives before crushing them by hand (and feet) to press your own oil or wine.

The olive and grape harvests are festivals of sounds and smells. The orchards fill with people singing the song of the harvest as birds dance between the fruits.

As the highlight of the agricultural calendar, the harvest has special importance in Sicilian culture.

Check the agricultural calendar when you book, to make sure you stay for the ripening of the fruits.

  • September – Grape Harvest
  • October – Olive Harvest
  • Press your own wine and olive oil.
  • Take home a personalised bottle or have it sent in the post.

It’s completely free for guests to take part in the harvest festivals.

5 euro for a bottle of wine or oil (plus p+p)

Farm Stays

Sunsets from the veranda and morning dips in the pool.

Make yourself at home on the farm.




Discover Sicilian rural traditions with all your senses.

Learn to cook like a Sicilian or make your own oil and wine.